Welcome to the Pink Room!

Real Story

The pink room is really a room for the girl scouts, but soon turned into a room for the girls who soon turned it into a a boy and girls room. This picture of the pink room is much nicer than the pink room.

Back Story

The pink room sounds really nice but it is not! In the pink room there is a pull-out couch that everybody says sinks in. The pink room is where everybody goes just like the study hall.

Funny Stories

There was this kid named Ralph who took a open umbrella and jumped of the couch and hoped that he would fly, but gravity stayed the same. He kept doing it until he actually "flew". Then Ralph said, "I need to go onto a higher ledge, so I can actually fly like Mary Poppins. When he got to the ledge, he jumped off and landed on to a kid that was looking for its mom.

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