The Kitchen

Real Story

On Tuesday mornings, the kitchen is sometimes used for science experiments with Mrs. Olusina (the rulemaker) overseeing them. Afterwards, at around 12:00, students come in after long hours of classes/studying and get ready for one of the best parts of the day: lunch. Some food is microwaved and other food is ready to eat. To eat, students go to the cafeteria

Back Story

This is the room where food is prepared. ( AKA put in the microwave for 60 seconds ). The rule is that if someone wants to microwave their food, there has to be a parent with them. Pretty much no one follows this rule.

Funny Story

There are numerous funny stories from the kitchen, but one of the best stories is "How to make lightning food". One day a girl wanted to microwave her food for lunch. When this girl put her food in the microwave to heat it up, she didn't know that foil and microwaves aren't exactly best friends and can cause a chemical reaction that creates electricity (aka lightning). Long story short, there were fireworks, but not many positive remarks. On the plus side, maybe her food tasted lightning (Only disney fans will get that) ;)

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