The green room

The Green Room

Secret Picture
The Green Room

Real Story

One day the president of the co-op had a meeting with music teacher and they talked for about half a hour. They were talking about what time the music class would take place and how many kids would be in the class.

Back Story

The Green Room was used as the meeting room for president and the teachers. There is a table in the center of the room and chairs around it, there is a white board and a chalk board. Kids are not allowed in the Green Room, but sometimes, we go in.

Another Story

This really isn't funny, but it is a story we used to hang out in the Green Room and just play around, talk, and just hang out. we did this for a few weeks. It all came to a stop when we were told we actually were not allowed in the Green Room. Then we started to hang out in the Pink Room. There are more funny stories in the Pink Room, so if you want to read them all go to the Pink Room.


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