Cornerstone: Uncovered


This is the cafeteria. Don't be fooled by the name. You have to bring your own food and can only eat from 12:30-1:00, but nobody listens to that. Almost everyone eats when they are hungry. A few minutes before the General Science class leaves,the Physical Science hangs out in the cafeteria talking REALLY loudly while waiting for the General Science class to be released. The kitchen is the NO KIDS zone, but nobody really listens to that rule.


The cafeteria is split up into different groups. The older kids and moms sit at the two long, white plastic tables. The girls normally sit in the classrooms or eat outside. The teachers eat in their classrooms (sometimes!) and the nursery kids sit on the stage. Almost everyone brings microwavable food exceptThere is a forbidden counter where NOBODY goes and a large refrigerator near the tables. The moms have also set up some "Lunch Rules"


There are numerous funny stories that have to do with the cafeteria. The Nursery Girls sit on the stage to eat. Now there is an EXTREMELY small gap between the end of the stage and the wall. This small ledge makes a great spot for sitting, but not for placing water bottles. After one of the girls placed a water bottle there, it fell over, hit the wall, rolled UNDERNEATH the stage, and proceeded to spill water EVERYWHERE. There were a lot of failed attempts to reclaim the water bottle, but it was underneath the stage and way out of reach. Well, all the moms were wondering, "Why is the floor over here wet when one has mopped yet?". For all, we know they probably thought and still think there was a pipe leak or something. Ten minutes before Lock Up, it was time for desperate measures. With a broom, a phone's flashlight, SEVERAL paper towels, and very tiny girls, we finally retrieved the somewhat dented water bottle ;)

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