The Biology Room

The Back Story

Class in the Biology Room is supposed to go like this. First, the class dissects an animal. Next, the class talks about the dissection. Then the class makes a model that represents the dissection. finally, class is over.

The Real Story

In Biology Class a rumor was going around. One of the boys had convinced some of the other students to skip class, because he thought that class was boring. The students were planning to hangout in the cafeteria or the playground instead of going to class. Most of the boys chickened out, and didn't leave Biology class.Two of the students skipped class for two weeks and hid in the Green Room until Biology was over. The teacher never knew that her students were skipping class. She assumed that they were sick and did not come to co-op that day.

Funny Story

This is a true story that is being told from the persepective of my 7 year old sister who takes Biology. One day elementary Biology class was doing a science experiment about the water cycle. One student clasped a magnifying glass, while another held a glass of hot water. The students with the hot water were told to handle the water carefully, instead they spilled it on the students with the magnifying glass. The kids who had not been burned went to go sit in the corner, because they were scared that if they stayed by the tables they would get burned. Finally, the teacher tried to take all of the hot water away from the students. However, she ended up dropping all of the cups and burning herself. It was the scariest/funniest day ever!

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