Cornerstone Co-op

The Conerstone Page

Welcome to Cornerstone Co-op! Cornerstone is a place for home educators and their students to experience some fun and social time with the many people that attend. Cornerstone co-op is hosted by Mrs. Fifi Yoder and is assisted by the other teachers and parents. Although it seems nice, however, there are MANY things you don't know about Cornerstone that might interest you. This website provides a window to let you know what you are REALLY signing up for. This website includes the major rooms within Cornerstone. On every page, you will see a Real Story, Back Story, and Funny Story. The real story provides you with the actual events that occur within while the backstory lists what is SUPPOSED to go on. The funny stories are small tidbits that have been viewed or heard from the students themselves. Listed at the bottom of every page, there are links. Click on those or the pictures to see the page. Have fun and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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